Monday, March 22, 2010


I have so many moments to post, but I really wanted to send a big THANK YOU to my biggest supporter!
I wouldn't have had the confidence to even start this little blog without her urging me to turn my love of the camera into something that other people could see (and giving me my first "real" job). Thank you Jennifer for always being so encouraging! It means the world to me, I hope I can return the favor some day!

I've been taking pictures since I was a VERY little girl, I took roll after roll of rocks,acorns, lizards and my Grandma Griffin's gardens! I am pretty sure no one was super excited to take those rolls to the Big-B for me!  THEN they gave me the Polaroid! That opened the door to unlimited requests for more of those precious boxes of film.

I've always loved the moment that I get to "see what I got". There's nothing better now than capturing the moment that means so much to the people in the pictures. I have SO MUCH to learn, and I hope that this blog will be my way of seeing how far I've come.

And to all of my friends who have so willingly turned their children and family moments over to me...from Ella Pickle's first birthday party, Wendy's little Emme's first birthday party last year, Banks' first birthday haircut and party, Kim's precious baby Jake's first photos, Grace and Hope- the most perfect models ever and my little friend Cooper's day in the park, thank you all!!! Looking forward to baby Colt, Grace and Ella Pickle and Emme's second birthday!

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