Sunday, July 25, 2010

Housekeeping for Fall Sessions

40 days and counting until most of our Saturdays are spent here. 
This is what I consider family time so my Saturday morning sessions 
(which is the ideal session time for me) will be limited until after football season. 
I will schedule for off days, away games and Sunday afternoons so if you have expressed interest,
 (or wanted to but haven't) please let me know what works for you as soon as possible!
Also, I will probably use one weekend for mini sessions for the all important Christmas cards-
 more info regarding those sessions to follow at a later date.
Thanks friends!
Can't wait to get great tailgate pictures of Mr. Banks this year- he dresses so snazzy for football!

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The Reeds said...

YAY!! Mike isn't working Saturdays anymore, so we will be in Tuscaloosa more this fall!! Love the pics:)


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