Friday, December 17, 2010

The End...and a new beginning!

The busiest season of my life came to an end LATE last night.
I finally finished my last "Christmas Gift/Card" session!
I have been overwhelmed by the support and kindness of all of my friends...old and new.
Thank you for your patience while waiting on your sessions.

New beginnings...
Now my time will no longer be as unequally divided between shooting, editing, designing, the real job (we go to trial next month) and family and friends. I can finally TRY to buy a Christmas gift or 2 (so pitiful under my tree) and get going full blast at night with the real job.
Thank you to my family and friends and awesome husband for being SO VERY UNDERSTANDING. I could never have imagined that it would be this way and you really couldn't believe it unless you lived in my house (or you had your own Christmas session season). Matt has been amazing- so patient and such an incredible support system when I have been up into the early hours of every morning editing and then acting like a zombie when I return from the office only to do it all over again. Thank goodness for takeout, coffee, a little white wine and Mt. Dew!
I have SO much to post in the near future (now that all of the cards have been mailed) so stay tuned. Since I am taking a photo hiatus until February, I may have time to update the blog and Facebook!
Take care and good luck to the rest of you late shoppers!
And because a post on this blog requires pictures...
My best Boo Boo Banks says MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!


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